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I'm Thuggin' letra

[Verse 1: Jay Rock]
Bitch I'm thuggin', bitch I'm thuggin' and these bitches love it
Doing me, she doing me cause a nigga buzzin'
Hundred killers, hundred goons they be tripping out
(?), push a button, then they whipping out
Hood stars, pushing Regal's, that's a real car
Flag you down, I'll hit you up, let me know who you are
Mystery, two eleven sent you mystery
Don't mention me, if them pigs in your facility
Five star, general, felonies, criminals
All inside my videos, street niggas, here yeah go
Yeahhhh, yeah it's going down
For my niggas in them bushes with them chopper rounds
Hit the club turnt up and shut that bitch down
Throwing chips in the air, like poker lion
Yeahhhh, whatchu know about it
Ask my Momma and my homies yeah, they know I'm 'bout it

[Hook: Jay Rock]
Bitch I'm thuggin', bitch I'm thuggin' got these bitches buggin'
Bitch I'm thuggin', bitch I'm thuggin' and they want my loving
Bitch I'm thuggin', hugs and kisses got you bitches mugging
Bitch I'm thuggin', bitch I'm thuggin' even when I'm clubbin'

[Bridge 1: Jay Rock]
L.A., (bitch I'm thuggin')
To the Bay, (bitch I'm thuggin')
Diego, (bitch I'm thuggin')
Portland, O, (bitch I'm thuggin')
Seattle, (bitch I'm thuggin')
Minnesota, (bitch I'm thuggin')
The Chi-Town, (bitch I'm thuggin')
And my Boston crowd, (bitch I'm thuggin')

[Verse 2: Jay Rock]
In my projects hustling, watching niggas cooking
Steady serving, informants looking
We play it off, they play it off
Them motha fuckas crooked, we just pay 'em off
Put them chickens in your city, let 'em marinate
Watch it bubble man, Christmas is my birthday
I'm feelin' myself, I'm addicted to mirrors
Got a thang for them thousands, I'm attracted to millions
Bitch watch the ceiling, I'm sky high
Connected around the world, call me WiFi
We walk up, y'all drive-by
He chalked up, gimme high-five
Swear to God I'm on a money spree, come with me
Show you how to make a couple dollars off a quarter ki
Yeahhhh, it's going down
For my niggas on the corners hope he holding pounds


[Bridge 2: Jay Rock]
A.Z., (bitch I'm thuggin')
Detroit, (bitch I'm thuggin')
St. Louis, (bitch I'm thuggin')
Tennessee, (bitch I'm thuggin')
H-Town, (bitch I'm thuggin')
K.C., (bitch I'm thuggin')
Hot Atlanta, (bitch I'm thuggin')
Alabama, (bitch I'm thuggin')

[Verse 3: Jay Rock]
Dope shit, dope shit, fiends over dosing
Get your dosage for the low
Spend your dough up 'til you broke
Shop, open twenty-four, pile of bags, pile of bag
All over the floor, a lot of cash, lot of cash
Bitch I need a (?), now go and get my glass
Fill it with Henne and Sprite, I gotta make a hundred racks tonight
Feds tryna' expedite, that's a lot of pressure right
Sike, niggas breaking leaving, you rookies don't stretch it right
Scales all digital, triple beam, triple beam
Visual, Big, Pac, whipping up a miracle
See you clowns politicking, so I got them choppers in my
Impala while I'm dipping like a primo to watch Nino
Brown in my cup, nigga I don't give a fuck
Like I'm castrated, I'm past faded
Yeahhhh, yeah it's going down
For my niggas on there hustling holding pounds
Body builders with the great white (?) sharks
Gotta light a dark, daylight or dark


[Bridge 3: Jay Rock]
New York, (bitch I'm thuggin')
Miami, (bitch I'm thuggin')
Philly nigga, (bitch I'm thuggin')
Virginia nigga, (bitch I'm thuggin')
Baltimore, (bitch I'm thuggin')
Louisiana, (bitch I'm thuggin')
Cleveland, (bitch I'm thuggin')
Denver, (bitch I'm thuggin')

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