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No Mask On letra

Nickerson Gardens, take one
Carnivore, who wanna war, I'll wrestle with a dinosaur
Find a whore, have her on the corner fuckin you and yours
Off tour, steel packed, yeah I got the steel pack
Wish a nigga would yeah, shoot him till his grill snaps
Barbecue a rapper like we barbecue on labor day

Yeah you got them chains and things
But you ain't got no paper mang
Still be catchin vapors mang, hotboxin in a donk
In a south beach, M-I-A, higher than a paper plane
Waivin at my fans, I'm the man, what you tellin god
I don't rap in booths, I rap in synagogues
I'm the fuckin truth you mothafuckas been frauds
Like stolen mastercards, I out mastered ya'll

I bring disaster to your leaders and your tag alongs
I tell em gimme the whole rack leave them tags alone
I'd rather pop em myself like henny quarts
2 week cruise as I pass 4 ports
Like a chain smoker in a hotel resort
If I resort to violence, it's for the blood sport
Watch a blood drop, watch a blood pour
Yeah the shells hot steam comin out your pours

It's a sauna in my glock who wanna open up the door
It's hot up in my block and it ain't neva snowed before
Unless I had the rock setup shop my own store
I dribbled with the rock the fiends shot so I scored
Kick game even gave em field goals they want more
So I took em out the park like a ford vehicle movin forward
That's crazy ain't it? I take it overboard

I make a rapper walk the plank whenever I record
I make them bitches give me brain like a motherboard
Me and my niggas run trains when your mother bored
I know what you thinkin, I'm a reckless boy,
I take the necklace off your neck leave ya headless boy
Wait a minute drama, catch my breath

Sleepy hollows with them hollows I be ridin you just follow
I'm original you borrowed your style, I'm wild
Like gorillas in the congo bring gorillas to your condo
Let em run bitch through your goodies for a while
Desperado with a magnum in a tahoe
And a magnum on my dick yeah
Fuckin on these models in a motel 6 yeah
Wait, that was 06′ now I'm pimpin at the W

Penthouse, balcony throwin up W's
The crowd at the lower level like, "we lovin you"
In the words of nipsey hu$$le, "I fucks with you"
This uncomfortable
If you a new artist, that ain't your album droppin
That's a floppin target
You niggas shop at target
I'm at the swap meet, coppin a fresh white tee

Cause my hood buzz the largest
Put prices on your head, niggas built for bargains
Make you run your jewels, you was built for talkin
Now nigga anny up, before a load this cannon up
And can your candy ass no homo pull your panties up
Pssst, jay rock obama could bring drama to a horror film
As I clipped the cigar and tilt the brim
No mask on

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